Take a second to Google any celebrity. It’s OK. We’ll wait. They’re beautiful and worth millions, blah, blah, blah. But did you get a gander at the house they just built? It’s got three stories and two indoor pools, and the entire west-facing wall is made of glass.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a house like that?

Well, maybe you can’t have the same grandiose, million-dollar design, but you can enjoy a few of the same celebrity luxuries. Here are 3 things we can learn from celebrity home design.

1. It’s All About Location

Maybe you’ve noticed that most celebrities seem to all live in the same areas—namely, Los Angeles or New York. This phenomenon occurs for a number of reasons: one, because these locations are close to where they work; and two, the property values in these areas increase over time.

It’s important that you live somewhere close to work so that you’re not draining your energy on the way there. In states like Texas and California, this can be a difficult feat, but try and aim for a home 30 minutes or less from the office. Also, keep in mind the property values for the area before you move into a new home. Ask us for help with this information.

2. Simple Designs Look Expensive

Ever notice that celebrity homes are devoid of clutter and useless knick-knack collections? Well, that’s because their homes are so big that it’s hard to fill them. But ultimately you can achieve the same look and feel with a minimalistic mindset.

Embrace white space. You don’t have to paint every wall in a room white. Try painting an accent wall to bring a splash of color to a room without going overboard.

Purchase more modern-looking furniture. Modern furniture features more clean lines, monochromatic color schemes and sleek upholstery, like leather (or, let’s be real, pleather).

Avoid hanging up too many pictures or posters. Select one or two important works to display in each room. This will not only immediately draw your guests’ attention, but it will also simplify the feel of your space.

3. Consult the Experts

Celebrities don’t spend millions of dollars upgrading and adding to their homes on every creative whim that strikes them. They know their houses are due to be shown on TV soon, and they want to make sure everything is in style. That’s why they consult the experts.

Now, you don’t have to go throwing money at interior designers and architects. Knowledge on the internet is free (case in point: this article). Review the latest home trends and figure out how to DIY them.

Speaking of consulting the experts: If you’re in the market to buy a new home—the celebrity home of your dreams—give us a call today.

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