Never ask yourself “Where’s the flour?” again, thanks to these smart storage tricks.

The kitchen closet is responsible for a lot of storage, and it’s all too easy for the pantry to become and out-of-sight, out-of-mind catchall for half-empty containers, spare plastic bags, and more. Use these clever tricks and strategies to get your shelves in order so that cooking, putting away groceries, and packing snacks for school lunches can be easy as opening the pantry door.

Buy Extra Wire Shelves

Take advantage of any spare kitchen space by adding a set of industrial wire shelves. You can soften the look with baskets.

Paint Walls a Bright Color

Store dry goods against a colorful background to make your pantry instantly appear more orderly.

Use Vintage Soda Crates

Scan thrift and antique stores for wooden soda crates to corral items that go together.

Add Pretty Wallpaper

Line the walls of your pantry with a favorite pattern to instantly jazz up the space. Keeping a pretty background visible is the best motivation to keep contents orderly.

Use Tiered Shelves

Store cans and spices on bleacher-style shelves (whether built-in or purchased) that allow you to easily see the label of each item.

Use Rolling Hampers

Hampers aren’t just for laundry! Use them for larger items, like spare shopping bags, in your pantry.

Reach High Shelves With a Ladder

Go ahead and make use of those super-high shelves by installing or keeping a ladder or stool in your pantry.

Add Hooks Under Shelves

Don’t waste an inch of pantry space! Hang hooks underneath shelves to store extra mugs.

Store Dry Goods in Glass Jars

Stock up on jars large and small for all your storage needs. You can even take the jars to grocery stores that sell bulk staples like grains and beans to purchase food at a lower price than its prepackaged counterpart.

Add Decals to Jars

Keep track of what’s what with cute, decorative decals marking flour, sugar, and more. Pro tip: Use a dry erase marker to write down the expiration date before you decant it into the container.

Paint on a Chalkboard

Paint your pantry door or walls with chalkboard paint to create an easy place for making grocery lists or displaying weekly meal plans.

Make the Most of the Back of the Door

Don’t let any space go to waste! Store condiments, spices, and other small items in a rack on the back of the door.

Install Floating Shelves

Short on actual pantry space? Install a set of floating shelves to a wall to add more storage.

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