While most of us dream of a Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet (and her complete shoe collection) the size and accessories are not always an option. Enter master closet designer and founder of LA Closet Design, Lisa Adams. Here, she shows us how to bring the high-end touches of a no-cost-spared closet into your home, without the big hit to your wallet.

Use Gold Paint

Nothing says luxe like metallic. Paint the metal trim of your closet or your ceiling for flair.

Bring in an ottoman

If you have the room, add a sitting area. “This could either be for the use of lounging or for the basic necessity of putting on your shoes,” says Adams. “The sitting area makes the closet a true living space,even if you can only squeeze in a small round ottoman or pouf.”

Add mirror accents

Choose a full-length mirror or a framed mirror to fill dead space suggests Adams. It will make the room feel bigger and add a different material element to the room.

Replace your knobs and handles

Decorative knobs are the perfect accessory to show your personality and unique style.

Add Faux Fur

It not only looks luxe but feels luxe. Faux fur rugs are easy to find (and animal friendly!) and are a great way to add something soft and chic underfoot.

Use crown molding

It’s like a great frame for your closet. Plus, in a small space, it’s completely affordable.

Choose great lighting

The right light is EVERYTHINGNot only will a small chandelier look high-end, it will give you a well-lit closet—crucial in helping you get dressed in the morning.

Get the right hangers

The easiest and quickest way to change the look of your closet. “You must find the hanger you like and get rid of all mis-matched ones,” says Adams.

Customize your jewelry drawers

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and only being able to find one earing. A well-organized jewelry drawer puts your best pieces on display (plus what says luxury more than beautiful jewels?!)

Add acrylic shelf dividers

An instant elegance killer? Clutter! Use shelf dividers to keep purses and stacks of sweaters tidy and vertical.

Install pull-out valet hooks

“Inexpensive and a must-have,” says Adams. Optimize your closet by making the most of unused wall space.

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