If your walls are looking a little basic, you may be inclined to grab some prints or photos and hang them up—but we think you can do better than that. Have you considered a mural? A wooden wall? Or even a ladder? There’s a ton of ways to make your wall art actually interesting, so your bedroom doesn’t look like literally everyone else’s.

Go Bold With Wallpaper

If you’re afraid of committing to a printed wallpaper, choose a neutral color. Your wall will still stand out, but the room will feel much lighter.

DIY A Wooden Wall

Rather than wasting limited inches on mounting a headboard, turn your wall into a headboard, like wooden statement wall.

Turn Your Wall Into A Mural

If your painting skills are lacking, please, enlist someone else to do this for you. Or you could even try a cool, temporary wallpaper!

Find A Cozy Wall Hanging

Your bedroom should be the coziest room in your house, so take it there with a soft, knit wall hanging. If you’re going with a boho aesthetic, it’s a must-have.

Prop Up A Ladder

Even though it’s not technically hanging on your wall, it still counts as wall art. Prop a ladder up against your wall for a rustic accent that also comes in handy for hanging extra towels, blankets, or scarves.

Try An Ombré Wall

Monochromatic walls are over. Try an ombré effect on your wall, then pick up the hues in your bedding.

Keep It Simple

You don’t need to clutter your walls with art—a single, medium-to-large-sized hanging can still be impactful. Cool, minimalist vibes for days.

Line Up Your Artwork

Line your prints up on a skinny shelf for a cleaner approach. null

Paint A Pattern

You don’t have to disrupt clean, painted walls with hangings—instead, paint a pattern. You can cover your entire wall for more impact, or limit the design to a small section.

Mount Some Antlers

Antlers can be rustic, hipster, or even glam (yes, seriously) depending on how you style them. Choose a metallic version and pair with jewel tones and you’ll be surprised how chic they can look.

Add Some Vintage Posters

Vintage posters create a bold alternative to a headboard in the master bedroom. They also help add some color.

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