Imagine a bedroom without wardrobe! Is it possible? NO!

Modern bedroom without a wardrobe is same as a beautiful home without electricity. It has engraved so deep in our mind that think of bedroom and the furniture that pops up is the bed and wardrobe. In fact the modern homes have one wall dedicated for wardrobe. Since it is covering a wall of our bedroom, it becomes our responsibility to make it attractive without compromising its functionality because it is there with a purpose; to keep the room neat and organized. Have a look at these stunning and functional wardrobe designs that will give your bedroom a trendy makeover.

1. Homework to be done before designing a wardrobe

Some works are best when done by professionals. From their education and experience they know what is best for your home. However, what is best for you, it’s only you who can say. It is important to learn the basics of wardrobe design so that you can express it well on the wall.

Before you start building the wardrobe take a proper measurement of the space, the height, width and breadth of the space where the wardrobe is to be built. If it is a built-in wardrobe, then this measurement becomes utmost important. A few inch of variation may also make huge difference.

Have a clear picture of what you want inside. The shelves, drawers, hanging rod, hooks for bags, and height, width and breadth of each and every racks… do a brainstorming and know what exactly is your requirement.

Remember that the exterior of the wardrobe will be a part of the room décor. Make it look stunning and in harmony with the theme of the space.

​2. Mirrors and patterns on the wardrobe

Mirror creates an illusion of roominess in small rooms which is quite common in apartments and small homes. Two side mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe and beautiful patterns on the middle portions; it’s modern and trendy.

3. Smart and intelligent storage

Necessity is the mother of all invention! It holds true in this designer wardrobe. Long wooden handles on long doors and then a slim pull up door on the side with slanting racks from where you can take out and slide in accessories and shoes conveniently.

​4. Stretching to play different role

From floor to ceiling and wall to wall but keeping in consideration that a study or work table will be an added advantage, this will be perfect way to keep your fast paced life organized. The neat and shiny finish of the wardrobe is making the space amazing.

​5. One with the sliding doors

Sliding doors are the demand of the time where the size of the modern home is shrinking and creating free space for movement has become challenging. Sliding doors doesn’t occupy extra space. Take a clue from here and make a door the decoration piece of the room. 

​6. All around the TV

Wooden wardrobe with hidden handle embedded all around the TV creates a beautiful wall and sufficient storage to keep your room organized. The warmth of wood and simplicity in design is stunning.

​7. A complete package

Drawers, long doors, loft, seating arrangement on the side and dressing table in the middle; it’s a complete wardrobe for your room. With the classic combination of wood and white, it will go with any colour on the walls.

​8. The front view

An open door wardrobe can make the clothes dirtier with dust from outside. But if you want to keep the view of your wardrobe open for convenience then select clear glass doors for the wardrobe. Inside make room for small drawers, shelves and hangers to keep it organized so that it doesn’t look cluttered from outside.

​9. For the children room

Believe it or not, kid’s bedroom will need the maximum storage space in your home. Clothes, books, toys, shoes… the list is long. The challenge is that usually it is smaller than the master bedroom and so it needs extra effort to make a perfect wardrobe to fit the world in it. Long shelves, drawers, open shelves and then use some creativity to make it look attractive and energetic.

​10. Walk-in wardrobe behind the sliding doors

A wardrobe behind the sliding partition will make it your stylish walk-in wardrobe. The shine of glass sliding door is extended and maintained on the doors of the smooth finishing of the wardrobe doors.

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