10 Home Office Ideas That’ll Motivate You to Get to Work

Coordinate your patterns.
Sometimes it takes a polished, professional-looking space to feel motivated.

Stick with sets.
Don’t underestimate the power of a coordinating office accessories to keep your space organized and streamlined. The white lacquered set looks clean and modern.

Infuse with inspiration.
Color has the power to get your creative juices flowing and improve your mood (a must when work’s involved), which is why the statement art in this office from Dering Hall and designed by West Haddon Hall is so effective.

Pick accessories that pop.
Metallics like gold, brass and silver have a way of instantly elevating a space, without being too distracting. Even better: The swivel lamp will make sure you never have to strain your eyes to see.

Keep the backdrop white.
If your style changes faster than your computer background, keep your space all white. You can switch in new pillows, patterns and accent colors as you desire.

Add a statement chair.
Even if everything in your office is cookie cutter and traditional, all it takes is a bold chair to totally transform the vibe.

Paint your bookshelves.
Who says books are boring? Not us

Make walls work harder.
So you don’t have a dedicated room for a study. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. The minimalistic desk takes up hardly any wall space and still offers three shelves worth of storage.

Use natural elements.
If you’re easily stressed out, muted accessories from nature will create a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Color block your books.
Instead of picking out bright artwork or accessories, Ashley Campbell Interior Design gave the Dering Hall office life by grouping like-colored books together and stacking them against a black backdrop. Genius.

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