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DIY Wallpaper Projects to Dress Up Your Home

wall paper

Dress Up Your Dresser Drawers Swap patterned wallpaper for traditional drawer liners — it’s the perfect use for leftover paper. Add Personality to a Bookcase Thanks to an Americana-inspired palette and wallpaper with a bold, oversized pattern, what once was a lackluster bookcase is now an eye-catching focal point filled with a family’s favorite objects….

7 Indoor Plants That Can Actually Purify the Air in Your Home

indoor plants

All plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, but some special species may have built-in air-filtering systems, too. A famous 1989 NASA study found that several common houseplants may actually remove carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air in a controlled lab setting. While subsequent research found inconclusive results about their effectiveness in actual homes,…

Ways to Make a Neutral Space Pop With Color

home decor

Max Out Your Hues Grounding a room in a neutral palette gives your eye a place to rest, while purposeful pops of color move the eye throughout the room to find new and interesting elements. In this historic 1930s home, white walls, a tan leather sofa and pale hardwood floors are offset by Kelly green…