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Time to put to rest oversupply fears in Dubai real estate


There is a trend in the Dubai property sector I have been observing for several years. Every quarter or so opens with an armchair analyst predicting “oversupply”. The analysts quote the number of buildings under construction and the projected handover time, compare it with past year’s supply, and lo and behold, revert to the “property…

Why affordability is the key to UAE’s home market

Affordable housing

Developers shift focus to middle class in bid to double share in projects by 2022 Affordable housing is set to gain traction in the UAE as property developers shift their focus to this segment by targeting the middle-income population in a bid to double their share in total real estate projects by 2022, experts say….

Is paying off your home mortgage early a good idea?

If finding your dream house and getting a mortgage approved is one part of buying a house, then owning it by paying back the loan is the other. Mortgage loans in the UAE are capped at about 70-75 per cent of the property value on a maximum tenure of 25 years. On proper planning, getting…

UAE jumps 10 places in World Bank’s ease of doing business list

UAE jumps 10 places in World Bank's ease of doing business list

The UAE climbed 10 spots to 11th place in the World Bank’s annual ease of doing business ranking, following a package of reforms in the past year that boosted the country’s economic competitiveness. “A continuous and focused reform agenda keeps an economy competitive and vigilant,” the World Bank said as it published the 2019 report…