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Kitchen Cleaning: How to Clean your Chopping Boards

Cleaning your chopping board

Top Tip For quick, effortless cleaning place your plastic cutting board in the dishwasher – this way no extra washing or scrubbing will be necessary. Key Steps: It’s important to use different chopping boards for different types of food; this will prevent cross contamination and save you from constantly having to wash your chopping board…

A Perfect “How-To” for Refreshing Your Furniture Upholstery

refreshing your furniture upholstery

Take a look under your couch cushions; what do you see? Some loose change, maybe some lint, dirt, and perhaps a Cheeto chip snuck through down there. This is because cleaning your furniture upholstery is one of the most overlooked chores in your home. To keep your home in pristine condition, you’ll need to clean your furniture…

5 ways to cut down on your kitchen waste

cut down on your kitchen waste

Adopt these changes for a greener lifestyle From supermarket packaging that goes straight into landfill, to untouched food that’s chucked in the bin, the amount of waste that comes out of the average kitchen is shocking. It was one of the reasons Ingrid Caldironi, founder of London’s new zero-waste supermarket Bulk Market, decided to adopt a…

10 Steps Towards Having an Organized Kids’ Closet


Consider the Best Way to Sort Clothing on Hangers Having a larger closet means that you may have the space for extra hangers, and might be lucky enough to fit all of those items — including next-size-up pieces — on a single rack. Divide current sizes from future sizes by using simple designators that help…