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Developer launches final phase of Dubai Marina project

L-I-V Real Estate Development

L-I-V Real Estate Development says sales of LIV Residence Dubai Marina exceed $81m so far. L-I-V Real Estate Development has announced the launch of the third and final phase of LIV Residence Dubai Marina, a waterfront residential tower located on one of the last prime plots of popular Dubai district. The phase represents 40 units,…

Dubai landlords upgrade old homes to stay relevant

Dubai landlords

Landlords of residential properties in Dubai are increasingly upgrading and reinvesting in their old properties to keep pace with the large volume of new supply being handed over across the city. Unless they do this and offer incentives, they stand to lose tenants who are now opting to live in brand new and professionally managed…

Potential property owners in Abu Dhabi need to time their entry


Property owners scouting in Abu Dhabi will need to get their timing absolutely right. Wait around and they could see property values spike as and when the full impact of the Dh50 billion stimulus package starts being felt by key sectors in the emirate. The package, announced in June, specifically addresses extended visa requirements as…

A guide to a hassle-free house moving

Moving home

Buying a home is a big event in life. With property options and prices across the UAE becoming more affordable, more and more people are looking to upgrade their residences to provide a better lifestyle. To make the experience seamless and stress free, it is important to keep in mind certain pointers. Here are a…