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The future has moved in: Digital Currencies and Real Estate

We have been telling you about how digital currencies are entering our real lives, and how adoption is happening across different areas of business. We have already discussed tech and fashion, so if you’re interested in those worlds, make sure to take a peek. Today, however, we are telling you all about real estate. Real estate and digital…

Changing the way we live: Digital Currencies and Real Estate

Makram Hani on #cryptocoffee alongside Filipe hosted by Utrust Q1: Where are you typing from? Tell our followers a little bit about what you do? A: Makram HaniI am typing from my garden in Dubai. I am a serial entrepreneur with businesses in Realestate with armsmcgregor being my first company, Media, tech ventures and consultancy….

Dubai homeowners will not have to pay fines on service charges this year

homeowners will not have to pay fines

Dubai offer homeowners relief by waiving off fines on non-payment of service charges for 2019-20 Dubai: All penalties imposed on homeowners in Dubai for service charge violations are being waived this year – this is part of a joint initiative between RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) and a grouping owners association (OA) management companies. These…