Now you’ve got E-gate for free!
It’s the quick answer to zipping through the airport without having to wait in queues. And now the coveted E-gate service is branching out, allowing Emirates ID holders to use e-gate at terminal three of Dubai International Airport with no need for prior registration.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) has completed the process to activate this service for Emirates ID holders, so now residents and nationals can enjoy the service at terminal three’s 28 fast-track gates, according to Gulf News.

The Emirates ID E-gate service will be activated in all the other terminals at DXB airport soon.

There is no registration needed, and no fee to pay, it’s as simple as using your existing card.

It will certainly make travel a lot more convenient for locals and residents, seeing as Dubai International Airport is the busiest in the world for international passenger traffic. During busy weekends, tens of thousands of people use terminal three alone.

In December, during one of the busiest periods, Emirates Airline issued a release to say that they were expecting 34,000 people to check-in at terminal three, with 535,000 people travelling with Emirates through the airport over three days.

Other tips to beat the crowds:

1. Check-in online – It might sound obvious but many people forget to do it and it could save you 30 minutes.

2. Use special assistance – If you’re travelling with an elderly or disabled passenger, or if you have a young child, inform the airline in advance. They can arrange for assistance to help you get through the lines quickly.

3. Use your credit card – Many credit cards give you access into airport lounges to help you get away from the crowds. For example, some Emirates NBD cards will give you free access o the Marhaba lounge.

4. Get through security quickly – That means not having stuff in your pockets, packing toiletries correctly and removing your jewellery.

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