It is under construction in Mirdif and is set to open by 2020.

Sport Society, the world’s largest commercial sports mall, currently being constructed in Mirdif will open to the public in the first quarter of 2020, according to its developer Viva City.

It will have three floors with a total area that is equal to 12 football pitches. The ground floor will have a large space for organising various sporting events.

The other two levels will feature retail outlets by prominent international sports brands as well as dedicated spaces for various sports activities in addition to a large chain of restaurants and cafes, which provide organic food and beverages.

The mall will have a screen that will be one of the largest LED display panels. Visitors can watch international sports performances and tournaments, both indoor and outdoor.

The mall is being built by Dubai contractor Khansaheb. Viva City said construction work of the first floor of Sport Society is completed. Construction on the second floor has started.

Sport Society will also have a hockey rink that will be cooled to -5°C during the summer.

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