Arms &McGregor International Group announces the launch of Stage Any Home, a space transformation solution

“We are confident that we can add life and joy, transforming many houses to better homes” mentioned Waad Kansou the CEO and Co-founder of

Arms & McGregor International Group adds another solution that they feel is needed in the Dubai real-estate market. The new business release Stage Any Home, is set to create a major impact in the current property market which lies under plenty of pressures. Benefiting from years of experience in the real estate market, combining customer servicing capabilities, architect’s knowledge, Interiors eye to help make any property a home and a successful investment.

“We always believed there should be a better way to give an edge to a property other than through a price drop. That route would only get prices too low without offering any added value which with time started failing to fill apartments or get them to sell fast enough.” Mentioned Makram H. Hani the Founder and Group CEO of Arms &McGregor International. “Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market; it is a must!” Stage Any Home gets to the market MTT (modern transformation technique a solution developed through their System Transform tech.) “After extensive planning research and value engineering we put together ST and MTT which we expect the market to receive very positively. Our tests to date proved very competitive and positive, completing a full transformation of a 1 bedroom for less than 30,000 AED and in less than 20 days” voiced Waad.

Stage Any Home is expecting to upgrade more than 3000 investments and transform more than 1000 homes in the coming few years.

Owners and Tenants, need space transformation and really change the energy, function and aesthetics to fit their lifestyle and personality.

While we currently experience a property market where supply is higher than demand and many properties are out dated, property owners should do some transformations to make their properties Up to date! Upgraded properties will stand out from the competition and will therefore have higher occupancy rates. By this, owners will neither have a vacant property nor need to have the value depleted.

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