Dubai Film releases aerial shots of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Airport

The Dubai Films released a short capturing spectacular aerial footage of the emirate.

Published just a few days ago, the 1-minute-40-second video captures Dubai’s iconic spots captured over the last five years.

“Dubai Film has collaborated with companies like Shotover Camera Systems and Aerial Filmworks to develop the very best technology in the world for Aerial Filmmaking,” the channel’s official YouTube video reads.

The video, it adds, explores the immense opportunities available for aerial filmmaking.

It is compiled from Joseph Hutson’s aerial operations, using “Shotover P1, Shotover K1, Shotover F1, Cineflex Ultra, Inspire 1, and even some handheld”.

“Whether it is Full-Size Helicopter Solutions or scaling down in size to the RC Drones, we have the right tools for whatever the job,” the description reads.

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