OMNES Media, Arms & McGregor and SAHARA Consultancy join hands to introduce real estate marketing platform ‘’

SHARJAH : The now-running Acres Real Estate Exhibition saw the launch of the “”, the emirate’s first digital platform dedicated to real estate marketing.

The platform – a strategic partnership involving OMNES Media, a state-of-the-art digital media and communications platform; the UAE based Arms & McGregor International Realty, a prestigious real estate agency; and SAHARA Consultancy – was launched on Acres’ first day.

‘’ was launched at a dedicated pavilion where the features and advantages provided by the platform for all property and service companies and agencies operating in the emirate, were showcased and explained in full detail to the visitors of this key realty show which is taking place in the emirate on March 5-7.

Commenting on the launch, Fahed A. Aldeeb, CEO of OMNES Media, and Vice President of SAHARA Consultancy, said: “We take pride today in launching ‘’, the first platform dedicated to real estate in the Emirate of Sharjah which will serve the needs of all players in this essential sector, including end-users and investment seekers.”

Aldeeb added: “Today we are launching the pilot phase of the platform, which will feature detailed inputs about the various aspects of the real estate sector in Sharjah, including data covering all property developers and service companies operating in the Emirate. The pilot will also provide all required details on the real estate projects launched in the emirate, in addition to information and services of avail to various segments of society interested in this sector.”

He noted that the platform is designed to render valuable services to all parties concerned, and to familiarise the public, especially those living outside Sharjah, with the investment opportunities up for grabs in the property sector in the emirate.

“We will work for promoting existing, under-construction and future real estate developments in the emirate through advanced digital solutions that will address and cater for the needs of both end-users and those segments of society seeking promising investment opportunities.”

Makram Hani, CEO of Arms & McGregor International Realty, said: “We are delighted today to collaborate with OMNES Media, and SAHARA Consultancy in operating the ‘’ platform, which has been developed by Below & Beyond Production, in Sharjah, one of the fastest-growing markets in the region, which abounds invaluable real estate development opportunities that cater for the needs of various segments of society.”

Makram continued: “Sharjah currently has an ambitious transformational development plan to build new cities and residential-cum-commercial –cum- industrial areas, in an investment-conducive environment that encourages major real estate developers to operate in a promising market, where new projects exist and augur well for an upward economic mobility in all sectors across the emirate.”

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