Evicted tenant can sue landlord if property rented out to non-relative

Tenants who are evicted by their landlords in Dubai for personal use of the property can sue them in case the owner rents the unit to non-relatives, according to the Dubai-based Rental Disputes Centre (RDC).

A tenant who was recently evicted by the property owner has won Dh65,000 damages after the landlord was found to have rented the unit to another tenant who is not related to him, said Shehab Al Shehi, a judge at RDC.

He told ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily that tenants can sue their landlords if they find out that they were evicted so the owner can rent the unit to another tenant for a higher price.

The judge said that landlords can rent their evicted property to other tenants two years after the eviction for a housing unit and three years for commercial property.

“Landlords can evict tenants towards the end of the lease period if they want to use the property themselves of their close relatives. |They are allowed to rent it to others only two years after eviction for housing units and three years for commercial property.”

The judge said property owners would be fined and ordered to pay damages to tenants if they are found to have cheated the law.

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