Over 5 million files have been converted and transferred to the new ‘smart archiving system’

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has closed its records department as part of a move towards a ‘smart’ archiving system, according to DLD Director General Sultan Butti bin Mejran.

In a statement, Mejren added that the move represens a “key step” in DLD’s smart transformation strategy.

“DLD will retain its staff from the Records Department to benefit from their accumulated experience in this field,” he added. “They will be trained to handle the new technology or become members of other departments, as they are considered an asset by our Human Resources Department, which plays a vital role in improving our employees’ institutional performance.”

According to DLD, its IT department has converted more than 5 million files and transferred them to the archiving system, including 470,642 ownership contracts, 20,594 for buildings, 135,878 for land, and 313,170 for units.

To retrieve documents, users can scan a unique ‘barcode’, or go through DLD’s smart applications. The system also keeps files for public and private use separate, and allows data to be re-indexed and updated.

“This project is a continuation of our relentless efforts to remain at the forefront of institutional performance and provide a model for what government institutions need to do to keep up with technological progress,” Mejren added.

In October, DLD adopted blockchain technology as part of the ‘Dubai Blockchain Strategy’ launched by the Dubai government.

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