These things might make your life much easier

A thread on Reddit caught our attention recently, as zyxx91 asked the online community for some helpful life hacks. “Please provide some interesting suggestions and tricks in Dubai so we Redditors in Dubai can learn and share, they wrote. “After all, sharing is caring.”

Fellow Reddit users obliged and, as with all internet threads, the comments varied between utterly useless and outright genius. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Keep those receipts
“Don’t throw away Carrefour bills, they have offers on the other side.”

– Posted by Jazon-X

2. Queue better
“When you need to go to Etisalat centers in malls, you’ll see a ticket queue system and loads of bored people waiting there. On the bottom of your ticket, there are instructions for them to send you a text message when it’s near your turn in the queue.”

– Posted by ballisticbanana999

3. Get rewards when you spend.
“Learn to use credit cards effectively, paying monthly and picking the right ones with cash back and other perks.”

– Posted by Zubai878

4. Straight to the point…
“Get the Entertainer app.”

– Posted by dubai_

5. Save on furniture
“There’s a place called Cash Converters near Noor Bank metro station selling second hand furniture and white goods. Definitely negotiate.”

– Posted by brightonem

6. Be polite
“To non-Arabic speakers. You don’t need to learn the whole language to get by, but please learn a few words/phrases. Locals will appreciate it more.”

– Posted by Barbikan

7. Something we’d all like to do more of…
“Save money.”

– Posted by juicyddd

8. Shop around
“Subscribe to Shop and Ship and shop your heart out on US Amazon and have it delivered here. Check prices before ordering on Amazon as sometimes things are cheaper here.”

– Posted by brightonem

9. Find the best route
“For navigation, Google maps is better if you intend to avoid Salik. Select the avoid toll roads option.”

– Posted by karamazzz

10. Ask the right questions
“If you want to buy a new car, check if the dealer has the previous year’s models available – they’ll be available at a considerable discount.”

– Posted by will_code

11. Make a saving
“If you own a pet take it to Dubai municipality veterinary clinic to get the annual vaccinations, microchipping and the tag. It’s way cheaper than private veterinary clinics less than half the price.”

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