Exactly the time. Looking at a city with endless possibilities, asked another time, which is the best property to purchase? Another time I ask. What is the purpose of the purchase? Same answer faces me. A fast flip.

Gents once again. There is no property investment suitable for a fast flip, you can call that a property gamble. You don’t need someone knowledgeable in Real estate to advise you on that, you would need a fortune teller. Your 5 years old son can give you as good an advise on this as anyone who is experienced and knowledgeable. If you wish to purchase property to profit short term do your purchase with the ability to hold it long term. Look at fundamentals when doing your choice. Property is an asset. All assets are value driven although moved by waves of sentiment. The key is to invest where this is VALUE. Never over invest, balance your portfolio frequently, be consistent with your choices, don’t move with bust and boom.

Makram Hani