(2018) A period running on the edge of fundamentals – Are there Worthwhile investments

Facts we can’t avoid: http://makconcept.blogspot.ae/p/it-is-time-for-us-torecognize-that-most.html
Stock markets are mostly at an all time high.
Brick markets aren’t doing great.
Several giant economies are beyond the point of a crash and only running on hollow interventions.
Most emerging markets are in either a turmoil or a wait and see mode.
Superficial corporate earnings are strong in the biggest of markets.
Economics are evolving and developing in patterns never seen before, discussed partially in a previous article. http://makconcept.blogspot.ae/p/when-giants-tumble-new-reality-adapt-as.html

Inflationary and deflationary fears live and breath on the same table.
Currencies land under various risks.

Questions asked by every investor:
What should I do with my money.
What should I do with my current investments.
What is safe what is not.

It has always been said that there is no simple answer for such questions.
Allow me here to say the opposite; there is only one simple answer for those questions at this time and the near future.


And for that smart reader who believes that he has access to technical analysis that will predict every market move, I say: let’s hope you have learnt from the more than 28 market changes since the great depression.
This time it is more severe, more none expected; this time it is different. It is not a crash, neither a slow down, what is going on is a change of values, perceptions and dynamics.

Diversification is the solution for all including you.

Diversify enough to protect yourself from knock outs. You will still feel the pain of any punch however will survive most.

Some investors may still choose the direction of investing were they believe prospects of a profit are high. This will result in some wins for some investors occasionally, however will harvest so many victims mostly.

A detailed explanation as well as a detailed answer to each of the above questions is to be discussed in the coming post. Subscribe to stay updated.

By Makram H. Hani
C.E.O. Arms &McGregor International Realty®

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