Sleek and undeniably sophisticated, The 8 is credited with ushering in a new era of design to the world’s most famous man-made island. Strikingly at odds with its traditional sandstone surroundings, The 8 rises on the Palm’s western crescent in contemporary splendour. Successfully capturing the elusive vibe of Miami Beach, The 8 embodies Miami’s alluring paradoxes to perfection. Unapologetically hot, yet the pinnacle of cool; classic, yet
contemporary; airy yet sleek; spacious yet thriving. From its extensive use of floor-to-ceiling glass and wide-open spaces, The 8 captures an intangible sense of light – an airiness that evokes a feeling of being one with the clear blue sky and enticing crystal waters.

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The sophisticated, modern interiors carry seamlessly from public to private spaces, enriching the project’s aesthetic appeal without overwhelming or overburdening the stunning simplicity of its design. The 8 is a place where subtlety is king – where ocean-inspired hues complement opalescent pearls, walnut oak and stone mosaics meld into classic Calcutta marble surfaces and travertine floors. Embracing warm, neutral tones throughout, The 8’s interiors by award-winning designer Pallavi Dean offer the perfect canvas upon which to create a home that is entirely unique. Whether creating a languid sanctuary to escape the meteoric pace of life beyond the beach or creating a social hub, where every night is an opportunity to entertain, make connections and create memories; everything within The 8, from its fixtures to its finishes, is fluid enough to blend seamlessly into countless different styles.



More art gallery than apartment, The 8 is one of the Palm Jumeirah’s most sought-after addresses.
Meticulously designed as a modern-day oasis, those who appreciate the nuances of contemporary design, value integrity over power and who understand that style comes from within, are inexorably drawn to The 8. Its spacious townhouses are made for entertaining: sundowners on the expansive terrace, intimate dinners in the lush garden, midnight swims in the private pool. Its duplex penthouses veritably embrace the sky, their retractable glass walls blurring the line between indoors and out. Its one-, two- and three-bedroom homes are the epitome of form meeting function with zen-inspired ensuites for every bedroom, mouth-watering kitchens and panoramic views. As in an art gallery, every home in The 8 is a masterpiece.


A playground for the rich and famous, those who are lucky enough to live in Dubai year-round enjoy a pampered lifestyle, where housekeeping is done, dry-cleaning delivered, spas abound and the nights are never, ever ordinary. At The 8, pleasure – in all its forms – is a way of life. A morning workout to revive the senses. A relaxing swim to ease the day’s tension. A game of doubles to pass the afternoon. An indulgent lunch to feed the soul. A nap on the beach to soothe the mind. A paddle out to sea to embrace the silence. A play in the park to reconnect. A BBQ with friends to celebrate. A stroll through the gardens to reflect. An event on the lawn to remember. A concierge with all the answers. A parking spot that is always free.


The Palm Jumeirah continues to lead the market in property value retention. While 45,000 new residential units are scheduled for completion by the end of 2015, only 4% of these projects will take place on the Palm Jumeirah, ensuring real estate in these areas continues to be highly sought. These limited residential opportunities combined with its unique setting will place The 8 at the forefront of rental yields as well, with Palm Jumeirah apartments and villas currently commanding a significant premium over other affluent areas of Dubai. The successful EXPO bid will certainly have an impact on almost every aspect of Dubai. Fortunately, buying and investing remains attractive. The maturing of the market has given buyers greater protection and transparency whilst still maintaining the dynamism that often makes investing in Dubai a lucrative choice.

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