1. Tired Trends & How To Update Them-Your home decor should be a reflection of, well, you! Just as your clothing or hairstyle reflects your unique taste, the objects you choose to bring into your home, the color of your walls, the finishes and textures in your space should give visitors a sense of who you and your family are and how you live.Decorating trends come and go, and  some trends seem to spread more than others, due in large part to social media sharing. “Etsy and the internet have sped up the half-life of all our trends and fads to the point that they’re everywhere before we even realize we’re into them,” says Offbeat Home and Life.As a result, you can’t go into a store or someone’s home these days without seeing chevron or something with a bird on it. And while some of us may not be ready to put some of these trends away for good, here are some fresh alternatives to consider instead. 
  2. Tired: Pallet Art-Pallets have been DIYed into art, furniture, light fixtures, wine racks, dog beds, and…we get it already. They’re useful. However, now that we see them everywhere, holding a strong grip on the farmhouse trend, it might be time to this art for now.
  3. Fresh: Pegboards -Pegboards, like pallets, are also useful, but have a more modern, less rustic feel. You can use yours to create a storage and creative space, like this cheery craft room on Home Stories A to Z.
  4. Tired: Shabby Chic -Shabby Chic, the early ’90s decor trend known for whitewashed furniture and faded floral prints has definitely seen its day (at least for now). This ultra-feminine style of decorating has been pushed aside for a more modern vibe, more crisp lines and a masculine influence.
  5. Fresh: Boho Chic -Boho chic is the new shabby chic. It’s less frilly and much more eclectic. Inspired by the bohemian culture of the ’60s and ’70s, this style has retro roots but is managing to feel fresh again due to its mish-mash of bold patterns and colors and its globe-trotting spirit.
  6. Tired: Chevron-Chevron is a popular pattern that has dominated for several years now, and although still going strong, you may be a bit sick of it. (We don’t blame you.)
  7. Fresh: Global Prints-Fabric prints are becoming less preppy and more ethnic and eclectic these days, thanks in part to the boho chic look that’s so popular. Look for oriental and Moroccan rugs, embroidered pillows and anything that inspires a more wholistic viewpoint.
  8. Tired: Faux Taxidermy-Deer silhouettes gave way to deer busts, which morphed into faux animal busts of almost any kind and color. Deer are certainly the most popular, but the faux taxidermy trend has evolved to include moose, rhinos, and even gazelles. Thank goodness they’re fake!

Source: The Spruce