Big, fancy appliances don’t have to cost you a pretty penny. There are plenty of ways to avoid emptying your wallet for a new washer, refrigerator, etc. You just need to know the tips and tricks to the process. Here are some that can help you save.

Plan Your Purchases
Before going out and buying a new appliance on a whim, stop and think about the investment that you’re about to make. Many of us can become overwhelmed by the amount of options out there, so it’s important to have a solid plan before diving into the process. This way, it’s easier to make quick, executive decisions while involved in a negotiation rather than giving in and settling for a higher price. Have a good idea about what model, brand, size, accessories and price suits your needs best.

Coupons and Rebates
Now let’s move on to a tip that may seem obvious but is actually often ignored. We know that coupons help us save on everyday items, but rarely do we want to give time to sifting through piles and piles of flashy coupon inserts. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know just how easy it now is to find the right coupon or rebate for your purchase. There are now many websites where you can easily find coupons and discount codes on specific items for free — no sifting, crumpling and tossing required.

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One trick that many people overlook or may think is too time consuming, is to try and establish a friendly relationship with your provider — or ask your friends if they personally know any. This may not guarantee a huge upfront discount, but over time, the relationship you build will most likely give you a leg up on future negotiations. You can even reach out to local homebuilders for deals and advice. It’s all about connections.

Scratches, Dings, and Displays
Unless you’re incredibly picky, you can usually ask if there are any marked down appliances with nothing more than simple cosmetic damages. There are plenty of outlet stores carrying these types of items, and they are a good starting point for negotiating further markdowns.

Energy-Efficient Appliances
Before you jump to conclusions, hear us out. Energy-efficient appliances may not be cheaper upfront, it’s the long-term benefits are what make them shine. If you’re going to make a large investment, why not invest in something that gives back over time by saving you money on water and gas bills?

Be Frugal
There are many appliances currently out there that have countless bells and whistles all vying for your attention. Although many of these added features, like LED screens, are attractive and fun to operate, in all reality it’s best to consider whether it’s worth the extra cash. If you like gathering around your refrigerator for movie night then, by all means, go for the one with the built-in TV. But if you’re on a tight budget, we suggest keeping it simple and avoiding appliances with unnecessary, flashy bells and whistles.

Once you’ve picked your perfect new appliances, we suggest protecting them well into the future with a home warranty from AHS®. This plan protects your budget by covering repairs on your home’s major systems and appliances.

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