Moving house: advice from experts
Packing and other helpful tips before moving out
People move homes in search of better opportunities and locales, whether across borders or within the city. Dubai has been a melting pot of cultures and a welcoming home to many nationalities from around the world. While it is very exciting to arrive in a new country, moving homes can be tedious and nerve-wracking if you do not have the support of the right moving company.
Ensuring all your belongings are packed securely and reach their destination in a safe manner; ensuring these belongings are then unpacked as lovingly and installed in the new home; ensuring your paperwork for transit and cargo is in order; and ensuring all necessary fees, regulations etc. for moving to your new home have been adequately met — all this and more can be taken care of by a professional packing and moving company, making the experience seamless and stress free.

Identify the things you wish to pack and move, and dispose of the rest

Advance planning
Planning your move ahead of time allows you to sort belongings, look for suitable moving companies, dispose of unnecessary baggage — saving you time, money and stress. Checklists are your best friends at such a time. Abhilash Nair, regional manager, removal division, ISS Worldwide Movers, also suggests pre-packing personal items, which can save time on the day of the move. “Once you have selected a moving company, normally they will drop packing material to you if you don’t have any, to allow you to pre-pack things,” says Nair.
Once you have identified the things you wish to pack and move, and disposed of the rest, your estimates from moving companies can be more accurate, says Tarun Kumar, CEO, Move Hub Freights (formerly Twiga Logistics). “Decide what you are moving before the estimator visits your apartment,” says Kumar. “Items which will not move should be clearly identified and disposed, sold or given away before the move day. Any changes at the last minute would be additional costs.”
Verifying credentials
Kumar advises that with the large number of moving companies available, it is essential to verify the bona fides of the moving company to ensure there are no last-minute surprises or shocks. “Ask for a valid trade licence. There are several transportation companies in the market, who do offer moving services. However if moving/relocation is not mentioned as an activity on their trade licence, clients could be shortchanged in terms of service levels with untrained staff leading to delays in work completion, damage to items, lack of after-sales service etc.,” says Kumar.
Nair says a professional moving company will take away a lot of pressure from the whole process. “Identify someone who can create proper estimates and execute packing, inventorying and re-fixing at destination,” he adds.
Transit insurance
Nair also recommends getting a transit insurance, especially for high-value items. He also cautions to take special care of smaller items with higher value like currency and jewellery. It is advisable to find a safe place to store valuables on the day of the move. If moving a computer, a backup of files can avoid any headache later.
Get transit insurance for high-value items

Building and community rules, permissions
To avoid unnecessary delays and confusion on the day of the move, it pays to be aware of building regulations and permissions, both from where one is moving out as well as where one is moving to. “We have seen several instances where clients do not secure the necessary permissions even until the day of the move,” says Kumar. “This can lead to unnecessary cancellation and rescheduling charges.”
Nair adds that completing paperwork in advance ensures adequate arrangements for parking and lift usage. “Inform your security or reception at origin and destination well in advance, so that they can also prepare for your move with parking space, lift, etc.,” says Nair.

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