1. Clean up any kind of stain in your carpet as soon as you notice it. The longer stains have to set in, the harder they are to get out.

2. Fill a waterproof plastic bag with ice and lay it on top of the wax stain. Allow the wax to freeze. Make sure the wax stain is not getting wet from leaks or condensation, as moisture will make the stain harder to get out.

3. Scrape off as much of the wax as you can with a dull knife or other hard flat edge.

4. Spread a clean terry cloth or brown paper (e.g. a paper bag) over the wax stain.

5. Run a warm iron over the paper or cloth to heat the wax. The paper should absorb the wax as it melts. Don’t let the iron get too hot or it could melt the carpet or burn the paper!

6. Repeat step number 5 with fresh brown paper or terry cloth until the wax is all gone.

7. Go over the stained area with a carpet cleaning solution to get rid of the last bits of wax and any stuck on dirt. You can also use rubbing alcohol or dry cleaning fluid.

8. Sprinkle a little carpet freshener to make your cleaned carpet smell nice.

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