Feng shui in the house
How to realign your furniture to create a balanced flow of energy

A home plays an important role in harnessing the bounties in life. The energy of the home can help in defining the various aspects that have importance in one’s life path such as career, health, education, fame and fortune. Setting a home based on the principles of feng shui, a 5,000-year-old Chinese system of creating balanced flow of energy in an environment, is a positive step towards charting a progressive life path.
You can help the flow of positive energy in your home by starting with your living area. A well-designed home should always have ample light streaming through windows or French doors into a living area. The main door is usually referred to as the mouth of the house and this too plays an extremely important role in enhancing the chi (energy) of the house.

Red is a loud and opulent colour. It is advisable to use lighter tones in a living area. The colour element can be introduced by the use of coloured cushions or throws.

According to traditional Chinese feng shui an ideal layout for the placement of furniture in a living space would be a combination of a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa and two single seats. You can place coffee tables in between the sofas. The furniture must be placed in an octagonal or a hexagonal pattern for the natural flow path of energy.
What does that really mean? Well, feng shui deals with eight aspects of life and is a five-elements based science. The eight aspects are education, health, wealth, career, fame and recognition, relationships, children and divine luck.
These eight aspects are associated with the eight directions of the earth.
A smooth flow of chi in all eight directions helps creating balance and harmony in all aspects of life.
Plants play an integral role in stimulating growth energy. Strategic placement of plants in the east and south east of the living room will enhance well-being and prosperity.
South is the sector for fame and recognition. This area can be highlighted by the use of a tall lamp or red candles in glass vase or a lush green plant. All three can be used together as well.
Its best to avoid water elements in this area as the south segment is represented by the element of fire. The celestial animal phoenix is the ruling bird representing this segment. Placing a figurine of an eagle or a rooster and a phoenix can help enhance the energy of fame and recognition.
East is the area that must always be kept clear of clutter and void of sharp objects such as daggers and knives. The east segment represents health and longitivity. Placing a set of tall bamboos in the east of the living area will help in stimulating the good health energy. In due course the bamboo may start to wither or yellow if there is someone in the family who is not feeling well. Change the dying bamboo and replace it with a new one to keep the energy in balance.
Career and relationships define the flow of energy in any human’s life. If the money is good and the heart is happy we are happy. As any one of these two get out of balance, the brain short circuits and disaster strikes. Keeping the north and the southwest segments in balance is the key to keeping these aspects balanced.

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