Best Small Space Decorating Tricks from cozy cottages to teeny studio apartments, small spaces have big potential. Whether you’re looking to maximize a small closet or are learning to live in 600 square feet, we have 50 tips and tricks to help you make the most of decorating small spaces. While short on square footage, there are countless opportunities to take advantage of in tiny, often-overlooked spaces. Being smart about small space decorating is important from a practical standpoint—there is only so much under-bed storage, after all. With a few tweaks, you can infuse your small space with big style. We learned more than a few of the best small space decorating tricks this year, especially in key areas like creative storage solutions, repurposing furniture, and stylish, space-saving design elements. Let us help you make the most of your small space. From cozy cottages to teeny studio apartments, small spaces have big potential. Here are a few of our biggest ideas for the tiniest of rooms…they may even convince you to try one of our tiniest house plans.

Find New Uses for Big Furniture
If you have beloved large furniture but are short on square footage, use your big pieces in creative ways. For example, store dry goods in a china cabinet to create a pantry in the open.

Employ a Wheeled Wonder
No storage space in your bath? Use a solution on wheels (like this chrome beauty) to store towels and trinkets in style.

Construct Shoe Shelves
Shoes littering your space? Try this small space solution: Create a shelving system in your closet beneath the hanging garments for your shoes, bags, and folded sweaters. You can even tuck a small, clean-lined bookshelf into the bottom of the closet to take advantage of vertical space—shelves always do the trick!

Lean on a Book Stack
Small spaces rarely have room for a big bookshelf, but if your books aren’t corralled together, they can look messy. Avoid this problem by stacking books vertically in one corner of the room—plus, you’ll add a bit of shelf space in the process.

Add Hybrid Seating
Tiny kitchens need seating space too. Grab a clean-lined stool to offer additional seating, but make it work double duty: Set a tray on top, fill it with your favorite liquors, and make the stool into an unobtrusive corner bar cart.

Extend Your Mantel
In a small space, every inch of shelf space is valuable. Add two-tiered shelving to the top of your mantel with a shelf affixed to the wall. It provides a seamless addition of display space.

Define Zones with Rugs
Define each area of your space—especially if you have a studio apartment. Rugs help to create zones and define each nook, instead of giving the impression of one blurred, multi-functional room.

Deploy Old Objects in New Ways
Find creative ways to use objects that you already have. A gorgeous set of antique champagne buckets? Affix them to the wall and use them for flatware storage, as planters for flowers, or as graphic art. When in doubt, go vertical and take advantage of wall space in small rooms.

Keep Bedsides Simple
There are few other places in the house that can become as cluttered as this tiny corner. Use a bedside table with a substantial drawer to store and hide unwanted clutter, and style the tabletop with a simple lamp and carefully chosen design elements to keep things simple—and peaceful.

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