1. A Timeless Kitchen Idea-We know you want your home to be stylish and beautiful, but some decor trends are here and gone in a flash. Pastels are no passing fad, however—they’ve been used in kitchens for years, and it’s clear this “trend” isn’t going away anytime soon. A lovely twist on the standard white kitchen, pale and subtle colors are a gorgeous way to brighten up a space while maintaining a neutral palette. These candy-colored designs are the perfect way to bring a little bit of warmth into your kitchen. From pale blues to soft pinks, these pastels have come a long way from your grandma’s kitchen. 
  2. Add a Hint of Pink-Never thought you’d consider a pink kitchen? This simple refresh from The Gathered Home uses a soft, subtle, pink hue to give the rest of the kitchen a modern feel. Even without a full renovation, adding a pop of trendy color (think: millennial pink) can create the illusion of a fully updated kitchen. Add a few pastel ​appliances, and you won’t miss your contractor.
  3. Embrace Mint-This cheery mint green kitchen from Holland Avenue adds the perfect splash of color. By only painting the bottom cabinets, the kitchen doesn’t feel overly feminine or childlike, but rather maintains a contemporary, adult feel. We love the hints of pastel in the kitchen rug, which really ties the whole look together. 
  4. Add Marble -We love using marble accents in every room in the house, but especially in a kitchen. This kitchen from Stories incorporates two of our favorite trends of the moment: marble and gold accents. The pale green lower cabinets help the look fully cohere and keep it from feeling too trendy.  
  5. Pastels and Texture-Not only does this adorable kitchen from Boho Studio have adorable mint green cabinets, we can’t get over how much we love that pastel diamond patterned flooring. Painting your floor is a great way to camouflage worn-out materials or give your space an update without calling in a professional. If you want to go bold with patterns, stick to pale, subtle colors so you don’t overwhelm. 
  6. A Cheery Yellow-What is happier than a bright yellow kitchen? This adorable little space from thecolourtribe simply makes us feel happy inside (and want to throw some yellow paint on our cabinets, stat). If your kitchen is low on natural light, adding a ​pop of yellow will make it feel instantly brighter.Continue to 7 of 19 below.
  7. Lilac Cabinets-There’s just something soothing about pale purple. This modern kitchen from The Glitter Guide is mellow but eye-catching. The extra-tall cabinetry feels elegant and sophisticated, but the lilac paint keeps the space from becoming stuffy or uninviting. 

Source: The Spruce

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