On the opposite of horror movies, attic rooms are usually decorated with eye-pleasing interiors. That’s why the idea is infinite.

Some people use the attic rooms for storage, while some other prefer to use it for a spare room, or a room for their kids to play.

In short, you can transform an attic room into anything based on your needs. It can even be an escape room!

Here, we’ve provided a list of attic room design ideas that might inspire you. We’re going to start with a few things that you should know before jumping into the ideas.

4 Ways to Remodel an Attic Room

You can transform an attic room into any kind of room that you like. To do so, there are simple step-by-step moves that you need to know. Let’s have a look!

1. Be certain of the measurement

The size of an attic room is precisely the length of the home. For an activity room, this size is too much—unless you want to build a private bowling area up there.

Therefore, the first step is to measure correctly the size of the room, so you can determine where you install dividers and how big the intended room is.

2. Remodel the ceiling

The most significant characteristic of an attic room is the inclined ceiling. Don’t make it look outdated or boring!

You can easily transform it with a modern or unique style, such as installing rustic beams. This will create a significant difference!

3. Play with the lights!

Light is more than just a fixture. In many cases, it changes atmosphere too. You can be as creative as possible by using lighting to make the room more interesting.

To complete the look, paint the wall with light and bright color too, such as white or burgundy.

4. Arrange the perfect room

An attic room is commonly built with a window dormer. To make the atmosphere lively, arrange the position of the bed to the opposite direction of the dormer.

This way, you’ll obtain a magnificent view of the sky.

10 Interesting Ideas of Attic Room Design

Now that you’ve known how to make an attic room more inviting, these are over 20 creative ideas of attic room design that might catch your attention.

Each of these ideas has its own characteristics. Some of them are calming, while others are vibrant, and such effect depends on the paint, decoration and furniture.

To help you realize your wild imagination, here is the list of attic room designs:

1. Attic Room with Starry Ceiling and a Home Theater

As you know, the size of an attic room is the length of the house, so it is quite large. Because of that, you can transform the entire space into a home theater.

This is a brilliant idea, especially when the ceiling has a rectangle shape. You can even decorate the room with movie posters to create a movie theater atmosphere.

2. An Office in an Attic Room

Although, most of the time, an attic room can be huge, some houses only provide a small attic space. Don’t be worried for this can be solved.

Pick a light color that has a bright hue, such as white or burgundy. To make the space look even bigger, go with white tiles.

This bright atmosphere has to be accompanied with vibrant colored furniture, such as yellow stripes carpet, turquoise sofa, and colorful pillows.

3. Reading in an Attic Room

An attic room can be transformed into a reading room, because it provides distance from anything that occurs downstairs—which is anything that every book-nerd ever wants.

Paint the walls with a relaxing tone, such as grey. Decorate the walls with framed paintings that trigger your imaginations. The last step is to fill the room with unique furniture.

4. Transform the Attic Room into a Library

Transform an empty attic room into a sanctuary of book lovers. The shelves can be built-in or not depending on your taste.

Meanwhile, the reading area can be a comfortable sofa with a lighting stand next to it, or, a comfy bed with a view placed in between the shelves.

To make the room appears even bigger, use white as the dominant color and complement it with dark hardwood floors.

5. Attic Room for the Twins

Decorate the ceiling with rustic beams to be a little artsy. Then, use unique wallpaper on the end-wall.

To enhance the warmth in the room, use nice pine wood floors.

6. Attic Room for a Master Bedroom

A master bedroom usually takes the biggest room of the house. That is why some people choose to utilize the huge space in the attic to become a master suite.

7. Simple Monochrome Attic Room Interior

If the space of your attic room is small, you should go with simple design as well. This idea allows you to make the simplicity stands out.

To fit in to the room, buy bed mattress that matches with the curtain. Then, use nice and polished hardwood floors to add the level of comfort.

8. Vibrant Colors Attic Room

If you’re planning to remodel the attic room, so your teen daughters can hang out with her friends, this might be the best idea for you.

First, let the walls and the ceiling have similar color, which is a light and a bright shade like white.

Then, choose feminine lighting fixture and mirror decorations. Also, adopt the U-shaped sofa with various colors, such as pink, orange, green, purple, and blue to create a youthful atmosphere.

If you want to add a distinct characteristic, go with a chess-pattern carpet in a purple color.

9. Cottage Style Attic Room

Living in a simple cottage in a small village brings peace to some people. If you’re one of those people, but you don’t want to stay in a remote area, this can be a great alternative.

Transform the room using rustic beams ceiling and rural tiles floors. To enhance the style, only use wood chair, wood frame on the built-in drawers and traditional basket as well as the foot table at the end of the bed.

10. Guest Room in the Attic

Do you want to give your guests an unforgettable experience?

Give them an amazing skylight view by transforming the attic room into a relaxing guest bedroom.

To avoid feeling claustrophobic, use white color for the ceiling. This way, the ceiling seems higher than it actually is.

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