We’ve survived winter, but how did our fitness routine fare? For many, resistance is more than an elastic band used to build muscle. It’s a very real force that keeps us stationary and out of the gym. During this time of inertia, resistance gets stronger, and we get softer, in the literal sense.

A good solution to the home gym struggle? Add a little inspiration. These are some popular ways to make your home gym more inspiring.

1. Change your perspective from the equipment. If your view from the seat of the stationary bike or treadmill has been the same since you set up the gym, move the machinery, or weights, around the room to form a new arrangement. This undertaking might be a hassle, but so is shopping for bigger pants.

2. Add a view of some sort. Even if you have a window or glass wall to gaze upon, a new focal point will keep your eyes and mind occupied. This tactic is especially poignant for those of you training for a race or event. Find a picture of a finish line or your upcoming race route and use that image to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

3. Create a new soundtrack to accompany you during your gym time. Recycle some old classics or ask your friends for new suggestions. Music can get the blood pumping or help settle you into a new routine. Either way, music is an outside stimulus that can inspire you to reach outside your comfort zone or get you back in the habit of exercising.

4. Phone a friend for some company and accountability. Make a date with a workout partner and stick to it. This strategy is especially powerful when your friend is at a fitness level you seek to attain. Conversations flow, ideas are exchanged and the time quickly passes when you have a buddy on board. Plus, their new energy livens up your workout zone.

5. Shake your tail feathers! Exercise doesn’t have to occur on a device that counts calories or output levels. Get back to basics and dance your way into a new groove. Dance is fun, freeing and expressive, and gets you in touch with your body through muscle control and balance. Plus, as the saying goes, “Dance like nobody’s watching,” and here’s your chance.

6. Get visual with inspirational videos or training sessions. YouTube has millions of fitness videos you can use as prompts or inspiration to reach new levels. Take your pick from all the yoga, Pilates and Zumba options available online. It’s free, so if you try it and hate it, all you lost was a few minutes of your time.

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