Without regular work, chores can build up and become overwhelming, so keeping things organised can definitely help to lower daily stress. If you’re having a really awful day, how about doing one of those jobs you’ve been putting off? Whether it’s learning how to declutter your wardrobe or how to organise your kitchen cupboards, you’re bound to feel better for it.

Clean homes and clean minds: 5 decluttering tasks

Cleaning and organising your home can actually help to declutter your harm and bring a little peace into your household. Try these five tasks to boost your mood.

1. How to declutter your wardrobe 

The first challenge many of us face in the morning is finding something to wear. If your wardrobe is a mess, consider setting aside time for a mood-boosting clear-out.

Take everything out of your wardrobe and sort it by season. Go through each pile of clothes and decide whether you really need it or not. Aim to sort your clothes into three main categories: keep, donate, and bin. Only throw items away that can’t be put to better use and donate or recycle unwanted clothes to charity shops or other uses.

For the clothes you decide to keep, store those for the next season in vacuum sealed bags to free up room and prevent you from being presented with winter coats when dressing on a summer morning.

2. How to organise your desk

Whether you work from home or in an office, a messy desk can be the biggest barrier to productivity. Having a grand desk clearout can spark a good mood and a great work day.

Don’t forget – your whole desk matters, that means every drawer, every in-tray, and every pile of paper. The sense of accomplishment when you sit down to work at a clean, tidy desk will make it worthwhile to learn how to organise your desk, so what are you waiting for?

3. How to organise your kitchen cupboards

If you have a spare hour and feel like getting a big boost of satisfaction, consider organising your kitchen cupboards. Not only will you benefit from more streamlined meal-preparation time, you might discover some nice surprises lurking at the back of your pantry.

This might be an ideal lunchtime de-stress activity. You’re likely to find some tasty things that you’d forgotten about that can be turned into a delicious meal.

4. How to get on top of your laundry

Laundry literally piles up. When we’re not washing clothes, we’re wearing them, and when we’re done wearing them, we’re not usually rushing to wash them. If you have ten minutes to spare, sorting through your laundry pile can be surprisingly relaxing.

You’re not aiming to get everything washed all at once. Instead, sort your clothes into different washes, and find out what you have the most of – that’s the first load you’ll do. Working methodically, you can get on top of the dreaded laundry pile at a steady, relaxing pace, and enjoy a fresh burst of fragrance when you put on clean clothes tomorrow.

5. How to clean out your fridge

The fridge is often viewed as cleaning’s final frontier. For some reason, we put it off and let the things growing at the back get worse, when in reality cleaning out the fridge can be one of the quickest and most satisfying jobs in the home.

Start at the top, and work down. Every time you find something that needs eating ASAP, gather it on one shelf – that’s your dinner this evening! When you stand back and look at a light, shining, well-stocked fridge, cooking a great meal might seem like a far more appealing activity.

Complete these small decluttering tasks around your home and see if it affects your mood for the better.

Key Steps:
  • Try to do one thing that organises your life every day. Sorting out just one part of your day-to-day routine, whether it’s your email inbox or your sock drawer, can help you to stay on top of tasks that would otherwise become overwhelming.
  • Whatever you do, take pleasure in it. That can be pure “I love how organised I feel now” pleasure or gritty “I am going to do this and feel like a conquering warrior” pleasure.

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