Let’s face it: Home maintenance is really easy to forget. Sometimes it just slides right off the bottom of that mental to-do list, and if it manages to crawl its way back onto it, it’s only because something is literally falling apart, which you could have prevented if you had remembered to do the work originally.

Luckily for us, there are apps available to remember things like this for us, and to goad us into doing them on time. Here are a few highly rated home maintenance apps, for all different preferences in function and reminder styles!

Brightnest. Ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of rave reviews, Brightnest is often cited for its sheer versatility. Aside from customizing task lists and setting up alerts and reminders, it helps you identify your home’s most pressing needs, keeps track of your saving and maintenance goals, and contains instructions for thousands of do-it-yourself projects for various home maintenance tasks — that can save you loads of money — as well as creative DIY projects for those who want to spice up and decorate their home without blowing the budget.

HomeSavvy. After you provide some basic information about your home, this award-winning home maintenance app makes keeping your home well-maintained a breeze. With preventive maintenance ideas geared to save you money in the long run, do-it-yourself tips for cheap maintenance and seasonal maintenance recommendations, HomeSavvy easily lives up to its name. You can find it for free on both iTunes and Android app stores. Download it to start keeping your home in tip-top shape today!

The Home Depot app. After simply downloading the free app and selecting the Home Depot location nearest you, you can use this handy app to learn how to complete a huge variety of DIY home maintenance projects. It also helps you streamline your shopping for the tools and materials needed to get the job done. Aside from keeping costs down by utilizing price comparisons, as well as saving time by telling you the exact location of a given item in the store, the Home Depot app can also sync up with other home maintenance apps on your phone and provide an easy way to order and keep track of the materials you need for any given task.

HomeZada. HomeZada gets right down to the nitty-gritty of planning home maintenance with the ability to keep track of the entire inventory of your home, along with copies of important documents, your maintenance professionals’ contact information, alerts and schedules, and far more. It’s available as a free version on iTunes and Android, but there is also an even more powerful paid version for $5.99.

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