Arms &McGregor International is a boutique portfolio development, real estate prop-tech, sales and marketing consultancy. Led by a dynamic executive team with over a decade thriving experience and acclaimed success in property sales, new development marketing, and portfolio development &management services. We strive to deliver a worthwhile experience in every development while embracing innovation in product structure, processes, asset class definition, and a scientific approach allowing Arms &McGregor to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest level of profitability in a project.

We have successfully structured, marketed, sold and managed projects, ranging from boutique to billion dollar developments. Being masters of product structuring allows developers and landlords to achieve their target price while maintaining feasibility of selling or leasing.

Being the creators of futuristic revolutionary real estate concepts similar to RE 6.0 Arms &McGregor Int’ is at the forefront of what the future of real estate will look like.

Arms &McGregor Int’ business strategy is designed to benefit from the different cycles of the real estate industry that can be defined in four stages: growth, oversupply, slump
and recovery.

Investment & Restructuring

Real Estate Development

Portfolio Development

Tokenization is changing how we invest in real estate!

Taking us from a world where a property is transected once a decade, to a new reality where hundreds of transactions of that same real estate asset are executed within the minute!

For Real Estate Owners

For Investors

R.E. Tokenized

* Approximately 93% of all U.S.-registered commercial real estate is exclusively accessible to only accredited investors.
** KPMG states that real estate transactions can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and that transaction fees usually range from 1% to 3% of the asset value

Talented developers with blockchain expertise are hard to find

Identifying and mapping out required technologies and features involves a lot of work.

Launching a custom built platform takes 12-24 months depending on team size.

Launching custom built software involves high upfront investments.

Finding a solution that is not a legal nightmare is not easy.

Even if everything goes as planned, your technology risks remain high.

Oceanpoint is a liquidity engine that opens access to borderless financing for property owners anywhere by aggregating assets under tokenization with a USD correlating stablecoin

For Real Estate Owners

For Investors