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Gorgeous Ways to Landscape Around a Pool


Lovely + Low-Maintenance For a low-water landscaping solution, opt for a variety of plants that can handle being planted in rocky, potentially dry, settings, like those in this rustic, Mediterranean-style courtyard. Lush Oasis Creeping plants are the perfect accessory to…

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7 Creative Ways to Store Table Linens


Old dresser storage is a terrific way to repurpose a hand-me-down or outgrown dresser. Smaller drawers are well suited to napkins, placemats, napkin rings and trivets, while large ones can accommodate folded tablecloths. Jazz the piece up with a fun…

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Why Geodes are a Gem in Today’s Design Trends


Natural Accessory Geodes are both natural and glamorous, making them jewelry for the room, says Atlanta designer Melanie Turner. She likes using a geode, which is a cavity inside a rock filled with crystals (compared to agate, which is banded…

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