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How to Clean a Rug

Key Steps: You should vacuum rugs on a weekly basis. Certain types of rugs can be placed in the washing machine. Check the care label on your rug. For stains on delicate or oriental rugs use a gentle homemade solution made from natural ingredients. A mistake many homeowners make is to treat their rugs in…

When designing your home, follow your heart

designing your home

Depending on you personality, here’s how to give your living space some character Home design shouldn’t only be about what’s on trend. A home reflects the emotions and lifestyle of its user. Follow your heart and let your space be a reflection of who you are. You’ll find that some home decor pieces furnish the…

Kitchen Cleaning: How to Clean your Chopping Boards

Cleaning your chopping board

Top Tip For quick, effortless cleaning place your plastic cutting board in the dishwasher – this way no extra washing or scrubbing will be necessary. Key Steps: It’s important to use different chopping boards for different types of food; this will prevent cross contamination and save you from constantly having to wash your chopping board…