Residents of the two Shoreline apartment buildings on Palm Jumeirah are still being denied access to Riva Beach Club and the beach owing to a dispute between Nakheel and IFA Hotels and Resorts.

Dubai Land Department (DLD), however, said it expects the commercial dispute between Nakheel and IFA Hotels and Resorts to be resolved soon.

In October 2016, over 1,000 residents of Al Haseer 7 and Al Nabat 8 were stopped from using the club and the beach after Nakheel shut access over to the facilities over non-payment of fees by IFA, the registered owner and controller of the buildings and club.

In a statement sent to Arabian Business, the DLD said the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), its regulatory arm, has contacted Nakheel to discuss the issue and is focusing to resolve it.

“It has come to our attention that Nakheel is holding a meeting with IFA to determine the amount required for the annual membership which will be agreed upon between both parties once the signing of the main agreement between IFA and Nakheel has been accomplished.

“Post the signing, the residents will be able to pay the membership value and utilise the health club facilities and beach services,” the DLD said.

Julian Redman, chairman of the Al Haseer and Al Nabat Owners Association, revealed that Nakheel and IFA have agreed on the new terms, but the latter is studying finer details of the contract. The new tariffs have not been informed to owners.

Residents claimed they have being paying beach club membership to IFA all this time which included the beach access.

“It appears that Nakheel may have introduced a new tariff, but neither party paid or followed up. Whilst negotiations were finalised, they could have let residents to use the club,” he added.

In December, the owners association said it believes access to the beach is part of the common area, which is cited in the master community declaration that states access to be given to all when the master community fees are up to date.

An IFA spokesperson said: “Meetings with all concerned parties continue and we believe we are getting very close to a resolution and recent discussions have been positive.”

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