Know when to sell: Should real estate investors wait until after 2020?

Watching the Dubai property market as closely as I do, it’s easy to see that almost anything can influence it. Even a single event can affect property prices, buyer numbers and the interests of those buyers. In 2020, Dubai will be hosting the World Expo, when millions of people from around the world will come together to share ideas and innovations, celebrating human achievement.
The awarding of the event to Dubai has put the location under the spotlight, but it won’t all be over once the Expo is finished. Any event of this size has long-lasting effects, and the legacy plans include stimulating a knowledge economy and drawing big businesses towards the Expo site after the event.

Huge amounts of money are being invested in the infrastructure of Dubai to prepare the city for the Expo. This will no doubt have a wider effect on Dubai, including the real estate market. I have been exploring how the Expo will influence the property market, and it seems clear that increased investment is going to raise property prices not only as the event approaches, but after it has finished in 2021 too.

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