Pro Tips: Small Ways to Reduce Waste at Home
One of the biggest worries when it comes to waste reduction is how to incorporate a typical beauty routine into a trash-free lifestyle. Fortunately, there are more options than you might think. Use washcloths instead of makeup removing wipes, and use bar soaps instead of shower gels in plastic bottles. Opt for products with reusable or recyclable packaging. Lush Cosmetics has a variety of organic toiletry items that can be purchased package-free. Also, consider making your own soaps or visiting the local farmer’s market. When it comes to makeup, there are a host of products available that come in packaging that is completely recyclable, too. Lauren recommends a brand of makeup called Kjaer Weis because it comes in refillable packaging.

Grocery shopping trash-free can be daunting, but one of the best, unexpected perks of the lifestyle is that it keeps you away from the temptation of processed foods that come in plastic packaging. You can also use small, cotton bags or glass jars for items like nuts and honey and bring your own bags for fresh veggies. Also, consider investing in large, canvas tote bags to bring your groceries home instead of using plastic grocery bags.

When it comes to trash-free cleaning, vinegar is the name of the game. Use vinegar combined with other household ingredients you likely already have, like oranges and herbs. Plus, all-natural cleaning products mean you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of chemical fumes. Just store them in glass jars, and use them around the house as needed. Lauren says she uses Castille soap for lots of cleaning needs, as well.
On her blog, Lauren says it’s important to remember that switching to a zero-waste lifestyle takes time. Don’t fret if you don’t have the money to invest into making the switch overnight.

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