We’ve got the tricks of the trade when it comes to DIY, and we think you’ll like our budget.



Those honking pieces of furniture can be SO expensive. You can make this industrial-chic storage unit with a few casters, sheets of plywood and pipes!

Kitchen Rack
If you ask us, we think this DIY is cuter than anything you can buy anyway. You’ll need some steel dowels, paint, and brackets for mounting. How easy is that?! And it easily saves you $20-$30!

Coffee Table
This cute little side table is totally customizable, and it only costs about $100 to make! We love the modern-chic brass legs.

Make your own lighting fixtures (yes, lighting fixtures!). We used spray-painted metal funnels and a cord set. Genius? Maybe! Try it for yourself!

This might be one of our favorite home DIYs (and it’s so easy!). Simply buy two matching bookcases and use an old door to create a noteworthy desk. We recommend two 30-inch square bookcases.

Whether you have an odd-shaped window or furniture that is difficult to match, you are only two steps away from the perfect curtains!

Headboards can be pricey, especially if you’ve already spent your cash on buying a good bed! You can easily DIY or fake one — like how we used this quilt.

Knitting a blanket might sound like a daunting task, but it’s really not as hard as it seems! We like the idea of totally customizing your bedding to your liking, and this knit blanket is the perfect top layer for any bed!

Wall Art
Try personalizing the decor around your home by turning your Instagram photos into art! We’re loving this DIY idea that makes your Instagram come to life.

Decorative Pillows
Do you want to simply refresh your home instead of renovating it? With a few simple DIYs, you can feel like you have an entirely new space! Paint pillow covers and cover your old pillows, or add trimming to your old ones.

Hanging Rack
Leave it to Martha to furnish a coatrack out of a tree branch! It gives any room an effortlessly earthy feel, and it costs virtually nothing to make. Use simple wall mounts to hang the branch, and then hang up your coats!

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