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How valuation eliminates big risks in property deals

Home valuation

Valuation is important when buying or selling property, as it can be the key to securing a mortgage, investors or buyers. An appraisal is carried out by a qualified, independent professional who gives an unbiased estimate of the true or…

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Dubai embraces a luxury trend: branded residences

Branded real estate

Real estate developers associating with luxury brands is not new to Dubai. In fact, branded real estate developments have been luring the niche elites in the past several years. Dubai is already home to several prominent brand names in the…

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Why rent-to-own is a win-win for buyers, developers

Own a home

In comparison to mature markets such as the UK and Canada, rent to own (RTO) has not yet been cemented as a core market concept in Dubai. Although the overall objective is the same, which is to bring housing affordability…

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Who buys most apartments in Dubai?

Dubai buildings

Buying a property in Dubai remains an attractive proposition for those who want to park their money and generate great returns in the long term. The latest data would show that billions of dirhams are being spent by foreigners, including…

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